2024 Pool Design Trends That Stand Out

Innovation and ingenuity are always in style in pool design. Los Angeles Pool Builders push the limits with cutting-edge designs and trends, enriching the swimming pool experience as homeowners build distinctive, luxury outdoor spaces. From sleek and futuristic to lush and tropical, pool design styles cater to all tastes. More info?

In 2023, innovative technology in pool design is gaining popularity. Innovative technology lets homeowners control every part of their pool with a button, from automated lighting and temperature control to remote monitoring and maintenance. Innovative technology simplifies, streamlines, and elevates pool activities, including water temperature control, spa jet activation, and cleaning and maintenance.

Pool design with natural and sustainable materials is another 2023 trend. From reclaimed wood decking to natural stone accents, homeowners choose eco-friendly materials that complement their outdoor spaces. These materials offer warmth and character to the pool area and promote a greener lifestyle.

Water features brighten and calm the pool, from cascading waterfalls and bubbling fountains to exquisite water walls and peaceful rain curtains. Whether you’re creating a tranquil refuge or a dramatic focal point, water features may elevate your pool design and make swimming unforgettable.

Geometric pools are back in 2023. Modern and minimalist architecture and landscape look good with clean lines, crisp angles, and symmetrical shapes. Geometric shapes add timeless elegance to rectangle lap pools, square plunge pools, and hexagonal spas.

Luxury facilities and entertainment are essential to any pool design. In 2023, homes will add built-in seating and lounging areas, outdoor kitchens and dining areas, fire pits and fireplaces, and outdoor theaters and gaming facilities. These will make the perfect outdoor living place for homeowners to relax, entertain, and spend year-round with loved ones.

From lush tropical gardens to minimalist desert landscapes, homeowners use various landscaping techniques to beautify and calm their pool areas. Landscape design adds texture, color, and personality to the pool setting, whether palm trees and tropical plants for a resort-style oasis or native plants and succulents for a low-maintenance desert landscape.